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March 27 to April 4
***all times are PDT; add 3 hours for EDT***
divine harmony is available for in-depth astrology readings.  she combines a psychological and spiritual focus on the natal chart and helps youto understand your Soul's journey in deeper way. 
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all times are in PDT. and for those of you new to my column, i write in lower case for a reason as i find it symbolic and resonant with how i view the world. i capitalize certain words in ways to illuminate their power. otherwise, all is equal to me and i write in lowercase :) 
Monday march 27th–
Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune in pisces at 9:44am, aligning the will warrior and drive with the planet of ideals, mysticism and compassion! The highest expression of mars/Neptune is the spiritual warrior, creative and compassionate leader who is of service. We are supported in taking action right now to create more peace, love and unity in our personal and collective lives. Mars in Taurus grounds and embodies the ideals, dreams and visions that Neptune brings. Bridging worlds is supported today: spiritual and physical, Spirit and body, sacred and mundane.

Retrograde Jupiter in libra semisquares mean black moon Lilith in Sagittarius at 9:55am, bringing tension between the planet of expansion but also exacerbation and the fierce Dark Feminine! Lilith is currently in jupiter’s sign where her passion for Truth is strong! The key here is to realize we all have our personal truths and then there are Collective Truths. Watch out for trying to overpower others or think you have it all right and everyone else is wrong. Jupiter in libra is asking us all to see both sides of things. My way or the highway approaches can backfire!

Mars in Taurus sesquiquadrates Saturn in Sagittarius at 11:57am, creating tension and friction between the will and drive and the planet that likes to reign things in or limit them. Typically mars does not like being reigned in- luckily he is in an earthy sign that has a degree of patience ;) mars/Saturn can put the breaks on things in a good way or it can be experienced as tension, restriction and irritation. Being masterful in how we take action and pursue our desires is key right now. Think big picture and long term consequence not short term reward right now.

Mercury in aries semisextiles chiron in pisces at 6:05pm, aligning the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer planetoid. Mercury/chiron is lovely for communication and coming from the heart. Sharing our wounds, pain, feelings and emotions directly with others is supported right now. Mercury is triggering the Saturn/chiron square this week but in a good way (harmonious aspects) helping us to get to the root and core of issues that have been operating in our lives for a long time (maybe even lifetimes). This is a great week to be in therapy, to be willing to dive deep and get to the foundation of things. Healing is possible when we become activists and agents for our own evolution!

The New moon at 7’37 aries is exact at 7:57pm PST, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on taking action and moving into new directions in life! New moons always have a resonance with aries- the first sign of the zodiac that is about beginnings, initiations and activation of new cycles! This new moon is conjunct retrograde venus- helping us to get clear on the new cycle we want to commence in regards to relationships, love, finances, self worth and self Love. With the ruler of this new moon being mars in Taurus- taking practical, tangible steps in the right direction is key. Mars makes lovely aspects to pluto, juno and Neptune- reminding us that the path to Love is paved by solidity, commitment and loyalty.  

Tuesday march 28th–
Retrograde venus in aries semisquares ceres in Taurus at 11:10pm bringing a minor tense aspect between the Goddess of Love and pleasure and the Great Mother Goddess of nurturing and caretaking. Venus in aries wants what she wants and she wants it NOW! Yet she is retrograde- being asked to reign in her desires and honestly assess her values and see if what she thinks she wants is actually in alignment with them. Ceres in Taurus is earthy, sensual and very embodied. Aries is fire and flash while Taurus is earth and grounding. This tense aspect can show up as issues in relationships with others- home/family needs versus needs for fun, passion and play. Learning how to have self care and other care in equal parts is key right now.

Wednesday march 29th–
Mercury in aries semisquares Neptune in pisces at 10:52am, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of intuition and otherworldliness. This can be great for imagination, dreams and inner knowing- but there can also be confusion as though a veil is clouding reality. don’t believe everything you hear, think or say. Question things and dig a little deeper to get to the Truth. Honor your need for retreat, reflection and introspection this morning.

mercury in aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius at 11:16am, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of karma, stability and self-mastery. Mercury/Saturn is great for being grounded, rational and pragmatic in our communications. Typically mars in aries is firey and can be a little over the top in stating his Truth and standing up for himself! Saturn brings in a masterful energy so that we are supported in thinking before we speak and we have more capacity for concentration, discipline and holding back rather than being impulsive, reactive or restless.

Mars in Taurus trines juno in Capricorn at 11:59am, aligning the warrior and drive with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. Mars/juno is a lovely aspect that helps us take action to solidify and ground our relationships- romantic, business partnership and more. Mars in Taurus is focused on the material world and juno in Capricorn is focused on commitment and stability. With the earth focus we are supported in being practical and committed in our relationships today.

Thursday march 30th–
Retrograde Jupiter in libra squares pluto in Capricorn for the 2nd of 3 times at 11:19am! The first Jupiter/pluto square was on 11/24/16 and the last will be on 8/4. We are in the midst of Jupiter triggering pluto, Uranus and eris- makings some powerful and perhaps intense alignments that can rock our world and relationships! Jupiter in libra is bringing us big time opportunities to grow and evolve in relationship. Finding new points of balance between self and other, give and take, surrender and assertion, interconnection and independence is key.
Jupiter/pluto focuses on our empowerment, evolution and transformation via relationships in our lives. When we can find ways to share power rather than give it away and play the victim or lord it over others and play the tyrant- then we will move into a whole new level of relating (personally but also collectively)! Watch out for power/control dynamics with others in your life- personally, in work/career situations, with higher ups or even more globally in the government and the media. We can all use this astrology to grow, expand, evolve and transform but we need to do this from a place of Big Picture awareness rather than ego gratification, impulsivity and reactivity.

Retrograde Venus in aries quincunxes the north node in virgo at 8:11pm, creating tension and friction between our personal needs and desires and our Higher Self’s path of growth and evolution. Venus in aries wants what she wants when she wants it- while the north node in virgo understands there are steps to get to what we want and sometimes saying no to what we like opens up space to say yes to what we really Love down the line! Seeing where our desires and passions run us astray and where we are being called to step up in greater self mastery on our journeys is key today!

Friday march 31st–
mercury moves out of aries and into Taurus at 10:30am, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from fire to earth, yang to yin, impatient to patiently waiting. Mercury in Taurus slows the mind down quite a bit. We no longer speak in haste or reactivity but are instead supported to stop, count to 10 and think about things first. Patience is key but watch out for being overly slow and belabored in your thinking and communicating. Mercury in Taurus is know to be stubborn and at times stuck in the past. Knowing when to let go of what you think you know so you can grow is the lesson right now ;)

Retrograde venus in aries semisquares mars in Taurus at 11:18pm, bringing a minor aspect between the Divine Lovers. If you recall when venus stationed retrograde she made a harmonious aspect to mars shortly after- but now they are in tense aspect. There is friction between what we want and how we go about making it happen. Interestingly these two are in each other’s sign- in mutual reception. Venus is being asked to tap into her own inner masculine while mars is being asked to tap into his inner feminine. If we can find balance between aries and Taurus, starting things and seeing them through, being in the moment and being aware of future implications of actions taken now- we will be better off. Use this feisty energy to get creative, passionate and/or romantic in life!

Saturday april 1st–
Mercury in Taurus semisextiles retrograde venus in aries at 4:52am, aligning the mind and the heart in harmonious ways. This is great astrology for sharing our thoughts and feelings and speaking from the heart. Mercury in venus’ sign is aware of others and can communicate in ways that promote harmony and connection- while venus retrograde in aries is learning to reign in her own needs and desires in healthy ways that allow for balanced relationships (typically venus is very relationally oriented but aries- a mars ruled sign- is most definitely not!).

Retrograde Jupiter in libra quincunxes ceres in Taurus at 4:19pm, creating tension and friction between the planet of expansion and positivity and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. One of the shadow sides of Jupiter/ceres can be permissive parenting- giving too much, not setting good boundaries, etc… with both bodies in venus- ruled signs the desire for peace, harmony and everyone to Love us can be stronger than our need to set boundaries and say no. we are being asked to find a more balanced approach in home/family situations as well as other relationships- where self care and other care are equal and where nurturing is balanced with giving ourselves and other independence to learn, grow, make mistakes and take responsibility for them.

Mercury in Taurus trines the north node in virgo at 9:16pm, bringing important insights, communications and aha moments so pay attention! Mercury rules the north node and the insights arising can be practical, material oriented (related to work, finances, etc…) and can be great for generating more abundance and/or inner growth right now.

Sunday april 2nd–
The Sun in aries semisextiles Neptune in pisces at 3:02am, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of mysticism and spirituality. Pay attention to your dreams upon waking this morning. Giving yourself time for reflection, introspection, meditation, creativity and revelry is recommended right now.

Pluto in Capricorn trines ceres in Taurus at 11:30am, aligning the planet of transformation and evolution with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. The Jupiter/pluto square (exact earlier in the week for the 2nd of 3 times) has been triggering ceres over the weekend. The pluto aspect is harmonious but because the Jupiter/pluto square is triggered we best be aware of power/control dynamics playing out in home/family situations or relationships in our lives (also collectively in regards to the environment and children worldwide that need protection). Pluto/ceres helps us to dive deep, face shadow and see what needs to be transformed, evolved or let go of in our lives for healing and evolution. With both bodies in earth signs it’s important that we don’t just talk about change but that we actually DO IT. Tangible, practical steps in the right direction are required right now.

Retrograde Venus backtracks into pisces at 5:25pm, shifting the Goddess’ Underworld journey into liminal space territory. Pisces is the sign of the Unconscious and when venus retrograde here we can go DEEP. Facing deep fears and even touching into collective fear and pain is the focus. Any issues we have with seeing and dealing with reality, having healthy boundaries, enabling, addiction, escapism and spiritual bypassing can come front and center for us to look at. Remember that venus squares Saturn 3 times during her retrograde journey- with the 2nd and 3rd squares coming up on april 8th and 21st. big points of decision and needing to be accountable and responsible for the reality of our relationships, finances, self love and self worth are required right now. There’s no getting around the reality of Saturn- so taking off the rose colored glasses so you can see reality and then be empowered to change it (if that is what is in the Highest) is key right now.

Have a beautiful week ahead…

~divine harmony
Divine Harmony is dedicated to communicating with one’s higher Self by way of the celestial realms. Just as the microcosm is contained in the macrocosm and vice-versa – Divine Harmony believes that the stars and planets have connections to the people, places and things that inhabit the earth, and there is a way to find the pattern of communication and connection by divining the stars.

BML (black moon lilith) is being included in the weekly interpretations now. the highest expression of joining these two is symbolized by the high priestess tarot card. she sits between the black and white pillars- the black being the pillar of severity and the white being the pillar of mercy. i use the mean position of BML, which in contrast to the fluctuating motion of the true position, advances steadily.