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Who Will Win,
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Election Day Uncertainty

NewsScope; June 11, 2012. Why determine the outcome by the January 20, 2013 inauguration instead of the November 6, 2012 election? The problem on Election Day is that Mercury is turning retrograde, and astrologically savvy politicos know that the last time this happened in 2000, irregularities surrounding the counting of the Florida votes threw the election to the Supreme Court. This leaves open the possibility that something similar could happen this coming November.
Inauguration Day

To verify what the signals seem to be saying on Election day, I compared the conditions of each candidate's chart on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2013. Looking at Obama's chart, the planetary flags are surprisingly few. There are zero progressions involving his Midheaven, while his progressed Pluto at 8º Virgo squares his 10th house Part of Fortune at 8º Sagittarius. That's not good. The transiting Sun at 0º Aquarius conjoins his natal Jupiter, so that he will be a presence on Inauguration Day. Note that transiting Mercury at 2º Aquarius is exactly opposite his natal Mercury. This looks to me like a hand off to his successor.

In contrast, Romney's chart looks like gold. As described last week, his progressed Midheaven at 11º15' Aries closely trines his natal Pluto (orb: 0º06'), which describes a once-in-a-lifetime personal empowerment. His progressed Part of Fortune at 17º Gemini conjoins Uranus, the ruler of his Midheaven. Transiting Jupiter and Uranus are favorably aspecting his Midheaven, a lucky combination that often brings fame, celebrity and honors.
How to Determine a Winner

To judge an individual's chance of winning a contest, look to the Midheaven and its conditions. This includes major transits or progressions to the Midheaven or the planet that rules the Midheaven. It also includes major transits to the progressed Midheaven, and any progressed planet to the Midheaven. One may also consider the condition of any planets in the tenth house.

In the national campaign, the winning candidate should also have close ties to the U.S. chart. If you agree that the U.S. has Scorpio Rising, then you probably have seen the relevance of the Moon at 25º Aquarius. On Election Day, Romney's progressed Sun is at 25º31' Taurus, only 0º03' from squaring the U.S. Moon. The square from his progressed Taurus Sun denotes the economic changes he plans on bringing. Natally, Obama has Vesta, Saturn and Uranus all at 25º, so he is inherently a solid candidate in any national race. Plus, transiting Pluto will be trine his natal Pluto, the ruler of his Midheaven. One could go through the pluses and minuses of each candidate on Election Day, but it's a wash, difficult to say which one is truly favored.
It was different in the 2008 election. Obama's chart depicted a clear winner using the indicators listed above. Obama became an electrifying presence due to a progressed Venus-Uranus conjunction. This combination squared his Midheaven, bringing the dynamic change that the country wanted at the time. Also, his progressed Sun at 28º Virgo was sextile his Midheaven, while his progressed Midheaven was octile his Midheaven. That's three unique and simultaneous activations of his Midheaven on Election Day 2008.

The picture changes in 2012, when Obama has no progressed or outer planet transits to his Midheaven. However, with transiting Pluto trine natal Pluto, the ruler of his Midheaven, there is some hope. Plus, his progressed Mars at 25º Libra does trine the U.S. Moon, although it's 1/4 degree past and waning in influence. Oddly enough, when progressing the U.S. chart to November 6, 2012, one finds that the progressed Part of Fortune is at 7º Pisces right next to the progressed Sun, also at 7º Pisces. Might not this indicate a Pisces will win?
Essentially, one may determine that either Obama or Romney will win by looking at the conditions around Election Day. However, many political astrologers - perhaps 80 percent - have an inherent bias toward the progressive movement, and thus turn a blind eye to a possible Republican win. Factor in that Mercury is turning retrograde and it's best to confirm a possible Romney victory by checking the conditions of each candidate's Midheaven on Inauguration day. Then, a much clearer picture emerges.
Who Will Win, Obama or Romney?

NewsScope; June 4, 2012. Last week, USA Today noted that a panel of astrologers at the United Astrology Conference unanimously predicted that President Obama will win re-election in November. The astrologers used an array of different techniques to arrive at their predictions. They also warned that since Mercury is turning retrograde on Election Day, there may be some voting irregularities. Personally, I’m not convinced Obama will win.

Obama’s chart has some definite favorable developments leading up to the November 6 Election Day, but voters may blame him for the economy’s dire condition. Last Friday, Romney immediately blamed Obama for the dismal unemployment figures reported by the Labor Department. Romney’s Ascendant at 1º Gemini happens to be the exact location of the May 20 Lunar Eclipse: he is already benefitting from transiting Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini on June 10.
Obama's progressed chart on November 4, 2008
Biwheels depicting Romney's transits and progressions on January 20, 2013
The Scorpio Rising national horoscope is catching on, but many feel that the Scorpio archetype just doesn’t fit the American identity. The reason this chart is exceptionally important in the current election is because Saturn is entering Scorpio, which hints at an important cycle that helps determine the winning candidate. In basic astrology, the Scorpio archetype is naturally associated with the warrior. The U.S., as the world’s reigning superpower, has by far the largest military complex. The Pentagon’s budget is larger than the next 17 nations’ military budgets combined. Across the planet, other nations feel the influence of U.S. military power.

Or, one could think of the Scorpio archetype on the national level as a financial power house. In the earliest times, the U.S. economy was largely built on the backs of slaves who comprised a full one-third of the population during the Founding Fathers’ day. Later, loans from England, and the growing ability to leverage capital allowed corporations to grow in influence to the point where corporations nowadays have the same constitutional rights as people. When Scorpio is rising, four planets are found in the 8th house of capitalism, doubling the sense of Scorpio as a corporate entity.

The point of all this is that when traditional, austere Saturn enters Scorpio, the national mood tends to turn toward leaders who are fiscally conservative. Over the last century, this has meant electing Republican candidates who are exceptionally friendly to Big Business. The last time Saturn was in Scorpio, Ronald Reagan was president, and before that, Eisenhower in the 1950s. Going back one Saturn cycle earlier to the late Roaring 20s brought us the “laissez-faire” president, Calvin Coolidge. Republican William McKinley won the 1896 election by pooling the support of the leaders of large corporations and major banks when Saturn was previously in Scorpio. Here is an extraordinarily clear and easy to understand cycle that has brought consistent results. Naturally, it favors a Romney victory.

Like Obama, Romney has a natal placement at 8º Scorpio to help him transform the nation’s image and agenda. In this case, the placement is Chiron, which carries a mixed message. Chiron is the Wounded Healer, and for many months, voters only saw Romney as a less-than-ideal standard bearer for Republicans. He was wounded by being a Mormon, by espousing a health care system similar to Obamacare, and by his close ties to the elite by being the CEO of Bain Capital. Of course Chiron has a plus side, and that’s as the healer, which in political terms is the fixer, the one who can right the economy.
On this page: The candidates' charts according to recent NewsScope articles, the 29-year Saturn-in-Scorpio cycle, Election Day  uncertainty, Inauguration Day clarity, an excerpt from the November 2012 issue of Dell Horoscope, and  WolfStar's track record.
The Saturn in Scorpio Cycle

The following is a brief excerpt from a full-length article in the November issue of Dell Horoscope
Barack Obama has several tight intra-aspects between his chart and the U.S. Scorpio Rising chart which account for his national popularity. First, his Neptune at 8º36' Scorpio is exactly, to-the-minute conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. At its best, Neptune symbolizes the ideal, the charisma, and the hope for a better future.     more on Obama
Mitt Romney likewise has close connections between his chart and the U.S. horoscope. His Moon-Jupiter conjunction is exactly sextile the U.S. Pluto, conferring onto him membership in the nation’s plutocracy. This favorable Moon-Jupiter to the U.S. Pluto ensures close connections to those with financial and political influence.
more on Romney
WolfStar's Track Record

Among the many readers who responded to NewsScope's projection of a Romney win, one asks what my track record is. I make forecasts of one kind or another virtually every week in NewsScope, but generally don't track the hits or misses.

Parenthetically, I prefer the term "forecast" to "prediction" since as astrologers perfecting our craft, we're more akin to economists or meteorologists than prophets.

Here's a brief tabulation of NewsScope's most recent forecasts (in blue) and mainstream news follow-ups (in red):

May 21, 2012; Scott Walker's Recall - "With Walker’s sizeable financial advantage and Barrett’s Sun-Jupiter being eclipsed by Venus, it seems most likely that Walker will win."
June 5, 2012 - "First-term Republican Gov. Scott Walker has survived the Wisconsin recall election, beating back a labor-backed effort to unseat him and again handing defeat to his Democratic challenger, 58-year-old Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett." - CBS

April 30, 2012; Francois Hollande, France’s Next President - "Favorable conditions are aligning for the May 6 runoff against Sarkozy. Transiting Uranus is sextile Hollande’s Midheaven, and his progressed Moon in the 10th house is perfectly sextile natal Mars. Even more auspicious is that his progressed Ascendant is closing in on a progressed Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, promising not only victory, but celebrity status and an exciting, action-packed first year.
May 7, 2012 - "Francois Hollande defeated French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a presidential runoff Sunday, signaling a shift to the left." - CNN

May 28, 2012 Egypt’s Next President - Now that the landmark election is underway, a religious authority figure fits the forecast: progressed Uranus in faith-oriented Pisces is forming an exact inconjunction to Neptune in Leo (orb: 0º00’!). Also, Egypt’s progressed Saturn in balanced Libra is now in exactly the same place as Morsi’s natal Saturn, so he fits the Egyptians’ evolving sense of authority.
June 24, 2012 - Egypt’s military rulers on Sunday officially recognized Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as the winner of Egypt’s first competitive presidential election, handing the Islamists both a symbolic triumph and a potent weapon in their struggle for power against the country’s top generals. - NYTimes

July 20, 2010 - LeBron James Joins Miami Heat - While the 2011 championship is in no way guaranteed, James' progressed chart looks fabulous: his progressed Venus and Mars trining natal Saturn indicates that he's building a winning team. Also, he's becoming empowered by transiting Pluto over the next three years. Transiting Pluto will be favorably bridging his natal Mars-Pluto trine next year, and then will go on to conjoin his Sun. He made the right choice.
June 18, 2012; NBA Finals: LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant -  "My bet is on James: his progressed Pluto at 27º34’ Capricorn is exactly conjunct the U.S. Pluto, and transiting Pluto is conjunct his Sun. He’s becoming King James."
June 22, 2012 - "The decision is final: LeBron James made the right call coming to Miami. Finally an NBA champion, it's all worth it now. James had 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists, and got the kind of help that was worth leaving home for, leading the Heat in a 121-106 rout of the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night to win the NBA Finals in five games. Best player in the game, best team in the league." - Huffington Post
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