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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!" 
Alice O. Howell
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Reader feedback

re: the Venus occultation - You mentioned Venus' occultation of the sun in your recent Newscope article, and it got me thinking.   What does this signature mean for someone born under it? My son was born during the last Venus occultation, and as he approaches his 8th birthday this Venus occultation will make a "return" of sorts. Is his life destined to be marked in some way by this rare Venus event?  And will the upcoming Venus return mean anything significant for him?

A. I don't imagine the Venus occultation in itself will be especially significant for an 8-year old. However, if you're concerned, you should get a reading for your son to get the whole picture. The activation of a boy's Sun is often expressed by events in his father's life.

re: UR-PL square - I was reading your article about austerity measures and the effect that the Pluto Uranus square is having on different countries. I live in Canada, so I was wondering what powerful things would be happening when Pluto and Uranus hit our Sun. Well.....I just noticed that Pluto has already just opposed our Sun Uranus conjunction at 8.5 Cancer right on the IC! I had no idea, and I also have no idea what happened to symbolize that.  (Canada's chart is July 1, 1867 NS  0:00 am LMT  Ottawa, Canada). The typical recession stuff maybe. Uranus is within one degree of it right now. 

re: Facebook - Any thoughts on the Facebook IPO flop and the connection Venus retrograde? I'd love to read about that on your Neptune Cafe blog.

re: Scott Walker - Who will win Wisconsin's Recall Election June 5th, Walker or Barrett?

re: Scott Walker - Last November 20th I wrote asking you to give your insight on the recall election of our Governor Scott Walker but you chose not to respond. Well, almost one million signatures were collected for his recall and now the date of June 5, 2012 is set for the election. Could you please give us your insight on what might be the results of this election as it is only the third recall of a Governor in U.S. history and the world is watching! This election is touted "the second most important political race." The protests and marches in Madison, Wi. made not only national but international news.

re: Michelle Obama - I was wondering about M Obama's ASC recently. Sag fits lookswise. And I like her fashion sense: it's bold but elegant and it shows a woman who is not afraid. I haven't cast their composite with your rectified time for her. But I have wondered about their composite as well. They have a lot of presence individually but as a couple they just dominate the scene. Everyone, the Queen of UK, the French PM and his very lovely wife fade before them. 

re: Michelle Obama - Thanks for the rectified chart for Michelle Obama.  I especially like Jupiter in Aries as her ruling planet--the pioneer theme is clear in her life.  She's an attorney, an African-American, and the first lady.  Pioneering is a major theme in her life.

re: Part of Misfortune - Okay, please say more about the Part of Misfortune.  I don't remember ever hearing the Part of Fortune called that. Your quote: Transiting Neptune conjunct the USSS Part of Misfortune shows an unmitigated scandal. 

A. The Part of Misfortune is the same as the Part of Fortune except that it's badly placed or aspected. I first came across this term in Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson's book Simplified Horary Astrology. She writes that "The Part of Fortune becomes the Part of Mis-fortune when afflicted by being in the unfortunate 12th or 8th house or in the 12th sign Pisces or the 8th sign Scorpio". She goes on to refine the definition so that when the Part of Fortune is badly aspecting Mars, Neptune or in the 29th degree of any sign, or the same degree as the nodes, it becomes the Part of Misfortune. Presumably, one could add hard aspects from Pluto.
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April 9, 2012 - Ann Romney and Gender Gap, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmer-
man, Matt Damon's guru 
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NewsScope for May 28, 2012
By Michael Wolfstar

Egypt’s Next President

After last week’s first round of presidential elections, many Egyptians were stunned by their choice for the final round on June 16-17. The two remaining candidates are now Mubarak’s former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq, and a leader from the once-banned Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi. Egyptians must decide between a return to the law-and-order past or a potentially radical Islamic future.
Shafiq’s birth date is uncertain (around November 1941), while Mohamed Morsi* was born on August 20, 1951. Morsi, like the recently elected French president, was born with a powerful but understated Sun-Pluto conjunction in Leo. Pluto’s influence, along with his progressive Jupiter-Uranus square, led him into scientific research, where he once helped develop space shuttle engines during his work for NASA. 

Morsi’s Moon in pioneering Aries is near his Jupiter, and is being awakened by the current Uranus-Pluto square. With his Mars in heroic Leo, Morsi frequently participated in protests against the Mubarak regime. On January 28, 2011, when transiting Jupiter trined his Mars, he was arrested during the national “Friday of Anger” uprising. When others escaped imprisonment, he remained in his cell to talk to the media and complain about the false arrest. At the time, transiting Neptune opposite his Sun produced this self-sacrificing demonstration.
Egypt’s national horoscope (March 15, 1922; 10:00 am; Cairo) has been under revolutionary pressure from the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. Now that the landmark election is underway, a religious authority figure fits the forecast: progressed Uranus in faith-oriented Pisces is forming an exact inconjunction to Neptune in Leo (orb: 0º00’!). Also, Egypt’s progressed Saturn in balanced Libra is now in exactly the same place as Morsi’s natal Saturn, so he fits the Egyptians’ evolving sense of authority. Morsi affirms that he does not seek a religious state, but a civil one ruled by principles of equality.
Top Five Astro-Events for June

1. The Full Moon on June 4th is a Lunar Eclipse, and kicks off a month of unusually momentous astro-events. This eclipse aligns with Venus and squares Mars, bringing out primal feelings about love and sex. From the 1st through 9th (as the Sun squares Mars), avoid abrupt, aggressive and overly critical behavior. Watch out for traffic accidents.

2. Venus occults the Sun on the 5th, a rare phenomenon that may signify the passing of a famous politician or celebrity. According to the Maya, Venus’s 40-day retrograde phase was the time when armies prepared for battle. Events that reach headline news during this occultation may signal where such battles are brewing. For many, a re-evaluation of love and finances is in order.

3. Uranus squares Pluto on the 24th, the first of seven epochal squares between these two. Juno, Venus, Pallas and the Sun are all making exact hits to this Uranus-Pluto square from the 20th through the end of the month, signaling major geopolitical developments will be unfolding. Political and economic alliances will likely be tested, as the forces of dramatic change compete with the status quo.

4. Jupiter squares Neptune on the 25th, creating a celestial atmosphere favorable for large gatherings and celebrating the spiritual path. In Gemini, Jupiter here tends toward a disturbing cynicism that questions faith and comfortable convictions. Those with a religious agenda will be on the move. In worldly affairs, watch for major corporate developments in the pharmaceutical and oil & gas industries.

5. Venus turns direct on the 27th and emerges as the Morning Star. Venus is closely aspecting the Uranus-Pluto square from the 17th through the end of the month, marking a phase when intimacy, sex, and romantic relationships become unpredictable and severely tested. In Gemini, Venus here is prone to uninhibited flirtation and romantic triangles, provoking jealousy and possessiveness. The 27th marks a turning point in these kinds of affairs.

Jupiter Activates the Solar Eclipse

In financial astrology, a corporation’s stock price has the potential for tremendous growth if a prominent natal planet or angle is activated by a Solar Eclipse. Sometimes the increase comes around the time of the eclipse, but often the price will soar when a transit goes over the eclipse point. The recent Solar Eclipse at 0º20’ Gemini will be activated when expansive Jupiter enters Gemini on June 11, 2012.
Unfortunately, the market is currently in a severe downward spiral, but if it levels off by June 11, investors have an opportunity to make some big money. Here’s a case in point: SanDisk (SNDK), a multinational corporation in the business of producing flash memory devices. It became a public company on November 8, 1995 (9:30 am; New York, NY). SNDK has its Moon at 0º17’ Gemini, exactly conjunct the Solar Eclipse.

Over the last year, SNDK formed a double top at $53, and is currently stalled at $33. Technical analysis indicates this stock is over-sold and due for a strong correction. When the astrology and technical indicators coincide, you have a potential winner. Considering the tertiary progressions (a favorite stock analysis tool), a Mercury-Mars conjunction trine Uranus is also very favorable.

The caveat is that the month of June brings some extraordinarily volatile planetary dynamics. Greece could bow out of the Euro, likely leading to a severe downturn in global markets. Still, astrology-minded investors might want to look at coffee-maker Java’s chart (JVA), which has its progressed Venus at 0º Gemini. Also, beaten-up Research-in-Motion (RIMM) – the maker of the blackberry phone – is ripe for a takeover, and has natal Ceres at 0º Gemini.