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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Reader feedback

re: Aurua shooting - Your piece on the USA horoscope and the Aurora massacre was excellent. Very smart. And yet another--as if we really need more--reason for adopting the Scorpio-rising chart for the US.... One other bit of news is about the Toronto mall shooting survivor--it happened in early June of this year--Jessica Ghawi was killed in Aurora. How bizarre. Of course, it's just a "coincidence." Yeah, right. I wonder what her horoscope looks like.

A. If anyone has her birth data, please send it in...

re: commodity prices - I read your posts on Newscope every Monday and follow this blog on a regular basis. You mentioned that sun and ceres conjunction in the coming year. Can I ask you when it will be exact???

A. The U.S. progressed Sun will be conjunct natal Ceres on August 7, 2013, so this connection gets stronger between now and then. The influence of this challenging connection to Ceres doesn't wane though, because the progressed Sun goes on to square Uranus, becoming exact on October 29, 2013. The price of corn, wheat, soybeans and other agricultural products may continue to rise even after that, sijnce transiting Neptune conjoins the U.S. Ceres beginning in 2015. Global warming is upon us, and the progressions and transits reflect the stress on the agricultural industry.

re: Condi Rice - How does Condi's chart look around the Inauguration? Thanks, as always, for your deep, fascinating work. 

A. Her chart actually looks very good on Jan 20, 2013. The transiting North Node is right on her Midheaven, her progressed Mars is exactly trine her 6th house Uranus, her progressed Midheaven is sextile her Venus, transiting Uranus is precisely sextile her Ascendant. These measurements suggest a new start, a tremendous career boost. If she's not the VP choice, I suspect she'll at least get a key cabinet post.

re: inauguration date - In my studies of the Inauguration 2013 horoscope I've been using January 21 since January 20 falls on a Sunday (as was Reagan's 2nd Inauguration) so am wondering if the official 'noon' time Jan 20 is what should be used for the horoscope or the actual date the Oath of Office will be taken on Monday? Thanks for all your excellent work and for your book--I link to and cite your website and articles whenever I can!

A. Have a look at each candidate’s chart for January 20, 2013 (noon; Washington DC), which is the official time and date mandated by the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution when the president’s term begins. In 2013, January 20 happens to fall on a Sunday, and is the date and time used here. The Oath of Office will be given before noon on January 20. Then, the public ceremony will be held on Monday, January 21, 2013.

re: Romney win - I always respect your analyses. But honestly, this is one time I hope you're wrong, even thought I suspect you're right... Damn...

re: rectified charts - I'm disappointed that you use rectified charts for Michelle Obama and Anne Romney to justify your opinion that Romney will win. Rectified charts are no substitute for accurate birth data.

A. I totally agree that accurate birth data should be the basis for any solid forecast. Please notice that I rectified charts for Michelle Obama and Ann Romney before I concluded that Romney would win. The wives' charts are speculative, and clearly labeled as such. The June 4 NewsScope forecast of a Romney victory was my first analysis of the candidates' respective chances, which was inspired by the UAC panel's unanimous conclusion that Obama would win. If you want to criticize my forecast of a Romney win, look at what I said about his and Barack Obama's charts, not their wives' charts.

re: Katie Holmes divorce - Any astrological markers to the TomKat breakup, and/or the number 33, the age of all his wives when the got divorced?
Thanks for anything you can say about this in the Neptune Cafe blog.

re: Larry Ellison -  in the 80's i lived a native style life on an undeveloped Hawaiian  island for 7 years. There was an ancient kapu put on the island by the kahunas of old which was to protect the island from outsiders. and 2 or 3 millionaires could not beat our political fighting and certain natural happenings. Ellison is not a good person and plans to move the Hawaiians out for a typical luxe resort. but like my island the water supply is poisoned by 100 years or more of chemicals to produce the best pineapples. I never went to so many funerals in my life as I did on my island, most of it cancer of folks below 55. i would like to say that Oracle will steadily go down and now he has an ancient powerful curse on himself for buying lanai. at some point he has to implode and hopefully Hawaii will do him in as it has so many others.

re: who will win - Your insights into the upcoming election+Mercury Rx were insightful. I didn't think of that. But, I feel Obama will win handily because America wants its first black president to have a 2nd term. He will be forgiven much.

re: who will win -  I think that we must also remember that Obama's secret strength is his ability to beat the odds (Jupiter conjunct Saturn in 12th house), and thereby best his opposition (Saturn inconjunct Uranus, and trine Mars in 7th house).  Ever see videos of Obama shooting swish hoops, one after another, from way back around mid-court?  First African American President in our history, in a country with the ruling class (ruling dynasty?) being of all northern European extraction. I continue to enjoy "Neptune Cafe", and your other writings.

re: who will win - I enjoy your insight very much. Your latest comments on the election are thought provoking. In looking at the dates of National Conventions, it appears  that the Moon will be void all day on Obama's nomination day. I have read that Presidential nominees on a void moon always lose. Do you have any thoughts on that?
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NewsScope for July 23, 2012
By Michael Wolfstar

Black Moon Lilith Rising

Any astrologer could readily tell you how extremely stressful the celestial conditions were last week when James Holmes went on a rampage at the Aurora, Colorado premiere of the new Batman film. After all, item #2 in this month’s Top Five Astro-Events accurately foretold the danger, warning of violence and to “watch out for crazy, impulsive acts from unstable individuals.”
This biwheel segment shows the U.S. horoscope relocated to Aurura, CO on the inner wheel, with the progressed chart on the outer wheel. Notice how tightly the progressed Moon and progressed Black Moon Lilith are huddled on the relocated Ascendant. This telling alignment is true only if one uses the Scorpio Rising U.S. chart.
Astrologically, Black Moon Lilith (BML) unifies the key elements in this event: the psychopathic nature of the actual crime, the film’s title “The Dark Knight Rises”, and the film’s psychologically tormented superhero. Black Moon Lilith* is not an actual planet, but a point in the Moon’s orbit furthest away from the Earth (the apogee). An activated BML can indicate a hateful, dangerous, ferocious and destructive phase in one’s life.

BML circles the zodiac in a little over nine years, moving much more slowly than the Moon itself. At the time of Holmes’ assault, transiting BML was at 24º Taurus, conjoining the evil star Algol. The combination of Algol and Black Moon Lilith leads to extreme danger, especially considering the concurrent Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square. BML was unusually prominent in the U.S. chart as well, leading to this national news event.

In the U.S. horoscope, BML is located at 19º Virgo where it conjoins Neptune and squares Mars. BML here represents a delusional side (Neptune) of the American experience with periodic flares of insane violence (Mars). By secondary progression, BML is at 15º Libra, and was activated last week by the U.S. progressed Moon, also at 15º Libra. Relocating the U.S. Scorpio Rising horoscope to Aurora, Colorado puts 15º Libra on the Ascendant. Here we have a dramatic case of Black Moon Lilith Rising.
* BML’s position here is determined by using the mean apogee. Some astrologers use the true apogee, while others consider these two positions together to define a corridor of BML’s influence. For more on Black Moon Lilith, see these web pages:
James Holmes’ Split Personality

Those born with tight Mars-Pluto aspects have extremely strong will power and sexual desire, and an intense, all-or-nothing personality. Depending on the individual character, the Mars-Pluto person can become anything from a murderous fanatic to a competitive CEO. James Holmes, whose Ph.D. thesis was “how we all behave” (December 13, 1987; San Diego, CA; time unknown), is an unfortunate example of a Mars-Pluto person gone bad.
With his Sagittarius Sun conjunct Saturn and trine Jupiter, Holmes had ambition (Saturn) and opportunity (Jupiter) to make something of himself. Academically, he ranked at the top of his class, and just last May, he gave a presentation on DNA markers in a class called “Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders”. But he left the Ph.D. program in June for unknown reasons.

In retrospect, it seems obvious that his field of research was related to his personal condition. His Sun also conjoins Uranus which is accented in his chart due to the tight opposition to Chiron, square to the lunar node axis, and octile to Mars in Scorpio. While his Sun-Saturn influence understood proper behavior, the Uranian side of his psyche was most likely dominated by overwhelming sexual impulses that drove him crazy.
Mercury turned retrograde one week ago at 12º Leo, where it formed an exact square to Holmes’ Mars. At the moment of the incident, the transiting Moon-Mercury conjunction at 11º Leo was exactly squaring his Pluto. At the same time, the dangerous transiting T-square involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto was aligning with his Neptune, provoking him to act out a killer fantasy. Had he been able to control his wild side, he could have become a successful neurobiologist.
Marissa Mayer, Celebrity CEO

Yahoo announced last Tuesday that Marissa Mayer would be its new CEO, the seventh in the last five years. Yahoo’s revenue has fallen dramatically while rivals like Google and Amazon have prospered. Mayer, who had a successful career at Google for the last 13 years, is known for her vivaciousness and hyper-intelligence. Her job is to make Yahoo relevant again.
Marissa Mayer was born with her Sun in multitasking Gemini (May 30, 1975; Wausau, WI; time unknown), where it forms a close sextile to Mars in bold Aries. Mars is less than one degree from an opposition to Pluto, giving her the fascinating strengths we associate with this aspect. Yahoo’s board of directors undoubtedly recognizes the intensely competitive side of her personality, which they hope will turn the company around.

Mayer is blessed by a prominent Venus, which is octile (semi-square) her Sun. The Sun-Venus connection gives her beauty, grace and a pleasant aura. Since her Venus conjoins Saturn, she has mastered social protocol and knows that her charisma is a terrific asset in business. Factor in her Moon in the social networking sign of Aquarius, and we have a celebrity CEO who will be closely watched and admired when she does well.
Unlike James Holmes, Mayer’s karmic Lunar Node axis is not plagued by hard aspects to the outer planets. Her Mars-Pluto polarity is harmoniously related to the Lunar Nodes (by a trine and sextile), which helps manifest the best side of this challenging aspect. The closest aspect to her Lunar Nodes is from Pallas, located in the last degree of Pisces. Pallas here is trine the North Node and suggests a life path illuminated by wisdom, vision, and strategic alliances.