About the Cover of Political Astrology: The cover design was illustrated by Laurie Belamus. On the Ascendant is the Scorpionic image of the eagle prominently featured within the Great Seal, the design of which was commissioned on the same day that the Declaration of Independence was signed. Scorpio was originally designated as an eagle to symbolize the courage, vision, freedom, and majestic power of this sign. 
The MGM lion at the U.S. Leo Midheaven reflects the national interest in and cultivation of entertainment. The image of Aquarian Abraham Lincoln, derived from the five-dollar bill, is placed at the foundation of the horoscope, since he ideally represents the moral foundation of the country. The Taurus Descendant image is adapted from the Merrill Lynch bull logo, and reflects the nation's primary public interactions to be based on business and investments. 
The Eagle, Lion, Bull, and Man in this combination resonate with the ancient astrological tradition of using these four icons to represent the fixed signs of the zodiac. The Great Sphinx blends these same creatures with its head and chest of Man, wings of the Eagle, hindquarters of the Bull, and forequarters of the Lion. These four as an ensemble are prominently featured in Christian prophecy, notably Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelations 4:6-7. They remain in esoteric use through the Tarot card known as The World
About the Great Seal: On the same day as the Declaration of Independence was signed, the Continental Congress formed a committee with Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams to "prepare a device for the seal of the United States of North America". The Great Seal depicted here is the first official seal for the United States, and was in use between 1782 and 1841.