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Monday's Moon
How to get your week off
to a good start
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What's shaking on Monday? what to expect based on the Moon's aspects.

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In general: Each day of the week is ruled by one of the seven visible planets. Starting at sunrise on Monday until sunrise on Tuesday, the Moon has rule. Certain kinds of activities are especially favored on Monday, provided that the Moon is in good
condition. If the Moon is not in good condition, it is not so good for undertaking certain Moon ruled activities, as there are liabilities

If the Moon IS in good condition, this is a good day for making general changes, for attending to matters that are under development; real estate, building, domestic affairs, cooking, cleaning, laundering, home and family matters, for dealing with the public, for starting school, for legal matters, for meeting or dealing with women. It is a good day to deal with secrets, the sick or needy, or to represent an employer, the head of household or parent.

If the Moon is NOT in good condition, this is a bad day to take on responsibilities that do not belong to the Moon and for making changes against her judgment. It is not good for starting a business where fluctuating changes in fashions or fads are problematic, for loaning money or personal possessions, for starting medications, for adopting animals, to begin building anything, to move, to ask for help or favors, or to leave on a journey.

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