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The 29th degree and Mike Bloomberg at a divided DNC convention; March's top five 
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astrophiles on espresso - the think drink. Don't miss Michael Wolfstar's weekly NewsScope column. Guest columns by well known astrologers - well, astrologers well known within the astrological community - can be quite an eye opener to people who think astrology begins and ends with Sun Signs. Who knew astrology could be popular without Sun Signs? 
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by Richard Nolle
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Does the U.S. really have Scorpio Rising?
How does an advocate of the Sibly chart tell the difference between a Sagittarius Ascendant and the Sun in the 9th house, or a Sun-Jupiter conjunction trine the Ascendant? Why would an advocate of a Gemini 
  Ascendant use a chart where the ruling planet is retrograde? Get the facts, make a prediction. read
What the planets are doing each day of the week, and how to get the best out of the current celestial conditions. read  D.Harmony
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The Oxford Astrologer
Christina's view from the U.K.
Progressions, what are they?
Like fractals, progressions have similar shapes at different scales of time. They are clearer symbols of forthcoming events than transits. Why don't more astrologers use them? Get the scoop
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Black Moon
the Dark Goddess
Mystical, autonomous, extreme, highly sexual, and exceptionally creative, Black Moon Lilith represents the soul's truth and is a major astrological player in personal and geopolitical charts. NeptuneCafe now has five pages on Lilith. You can preview or link directly to each by going to the Lilith Front Page
Visit the Astrology of Lilith for interpretive clues, or Lilith Profiles for descriptions of Lilith in each sign.
Saturn in Capricorn - what astrologers are saying about this important passage, which will be in effect from Dec. 21, 2017 until Dec. 17, 2020.... read
a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... NeptuneCafe. 
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​​You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension:
Donna Cunningham on Saturn-Pluto  Now that Saturn is in Sagittarius, it's challenging an entire generation - those born with Pluto in Virgo. There's three articles in this well-written series. 
Start here: part 1 then part 2 and part 3
In the industrialized world, why is the U.S. the most violent nation?
The Scorpio Rising chart uniquely explains this tendency, especially when considering the problem as a health issue. The 6th and 12th houses are coming under increased stress. more
1. The Full Moon in Leo takes place on the 9th (2:34 am EST), emphasizing the individual’s relation to his or her network. For some, this may mean expressing your creative talents, being an entertaining star, or advocating some worthy cause. For others, it can signify being a team mate, and joining personal efforts with others to achieve a common goal. Are you an insider or an outsider? Committed partnerships may come under stress as this Full Moon builds to its peak illumination. 

2. Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th and forms a harmonious, productive trine to Uranus over the next five days. Transiting Mercury and the Sun continue to bridge the Mars-Uranus trine from the 21st through month’s end, indicating that much hard work can be accomplished in the second half of February. Mars and Uranus are in practical earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus), and their harmonious connection leads to steady progress when clear goals are defined.

3. Mercury turns retrograde
on the 16th while octile Saturn, marking an extended phase when communications, information, and other documents face intense scrutiny. Mercury tends to be vague and distracted in Pisces, and that becomes all the more valid while it’s retrograde through early March. As Mercury forms a challenging link to Saturn from the 11th through 20th, watch out for deliberate misinformation, misleading statements, and outright deception. Fact check everything. Avoid signing important contracts or other documents after the 15th. 

4. Jupiter sextiles Neptune on the 20th, and is a significant influence from the 14th through 26th. Although generally considered a weak aspect, Neptune may bring some keen insights into your business affairs or professional role, as denoted by Jupiter in Capricorn. This combination may inspire meaningful work, or otherwise encourage you toward having a positive influence on the larger community or collective. For those with a personal planet at 17º of any sign, this phase may bring phenomenal luck. 

5. Pluto opposes the U.S. Mercury on the 28th, an aspect that is in play all month where it stimulates intense debate on the national stage. Due to Pluto’s retrograde cycle, this aspect is within effective orb from now through July. The U.S. Mercury is the focus point of information, and Pluto’s opposition conveys a full-scale effort to persuade voters during the presidential campaign. Expect to be continually bombarded by media blitzes from all communication portals.
Joan Quigley and the Part of Fortune
See how Fortuna set her role and the dramatic revelations around her historic book here
Astrology in the White House!

Steven Forrest discusses Trump's surprising victory in terms of Pluto in Capricorn. Fear of the future, an inability to adapt to change, and more
 The Shadow Side of Conservatism
Top Five Astro-Events
Febuary 2020

Updated! Visit the 
When the Dragon Wore the Crown by Don Cerow is a beautifully illustrated, sublimely written book that astrologically explores artistic themes of history’s great civilizations.  reviewed here