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Rudy Giuliani and Black Moon Lilith; Generational Mental Health Trends; Simone Biles Wins 24th Career Gymnast
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astrophiles on espresso - the think drink. Don't miss Michael Wolfstar's weekly NewsScope column. Guest columns by well known astrologers - well, astrologers well known within the astrological community - can be quite an eye opener to people who think astrology begins and ends with Sun Signs. Who knew astrology could be popular without Sun Signs? 
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Does the U.S. really have Scorpio Rising?
How does an advocate of the Sibly chart tell the difference between a Sagittarius Ascendant and the Sun in the 9th house, or a Sun-Jupiter conjunction trine the Ascendant? Why would an advocate of a Gemini 
  Ascendant use a chart where the ruling planet is retrograde? Get the facts, make a prediction. read
What the planets are doing each day of the week, and how to get the best out of the current celestial conditions. read  D.Harmony
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The Oxford Astrologer
Christina's view from the U.K.
Progressions, what are they?
Like fractals, progressions have similar shapes at different scales of time. They are clearer symbols of forthcoming events than transits. Why don't more astrologers use them? Get the scoop
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Black Moon
the Dark Goddess
Mystical, autonomous, extreme, highly sexual, and exceptionally creative, Black Moon Lilith represents the soul's truth and is a major astrological player in personal and geopolitical charts. NeptuneCafe now has five pages on Lilith. You can preview or link directly to each by going to the Lilith Front Page
Visit the Astrology of Lilith for interpretive clues, or Lilith Profiles for descriptions of Lilith in each sign.
Saturn in Capricorn - what astrologers are saying about this important passage, which will be in effect from Dec. 21, 2017 until Dec. 17, 2020.... read
a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... NeptuneCafe. 
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Donna Cunningham on Saturn-Pluto  Now that Saturn is in Sagittarius, it's challenging an entire generation - those born with Pluto in Virgo. There's three articles in this well-written series. 
Start here: part 1 then part 2 and part 3
In the industrialized world, why is the U.S. the most violent nation?
The Scorpio Rising chart uniquely explains this tendency, especially when considering the problem as a health issue. The 6th and 12th houses are coming under increased stress. more
1. Pluto turns direct on the 3rd in Capricorn, marking a pivot point in the long-term restructuring process of governments, corporations, families, and other social institutions. Tensions may reach crisis levels wherever existential challenges to centralized authority are in play. Pluto’s station may bring out the seedy underside of political and corporate manipulations, the excesses, transgressions, and misuses of legitimate power. Saturn and Pluto are now edging toward their epic conjunction in January, marking an all-or-nothing phase for control. 

2. The Full Moon in Aries arrives on the 13th, an exceptionally momentous astro-event since the Sun-Moon polarity squares Pluto. Any personal planet at 18º to 21º gets dramatically emphasized this month, especially in terms of how you balance personal needs with partnership needs. Expect simmering undercurrents to become explosive, and emotional extremes to lead to big changes. For those who have been playing fairly and with good intentions, Jupiter trine the Aries Moon can bring great success and personal fulfillment. 

3. Jupiter trioctiles Uranus on the 14th, an exciting and/or disruptive vibe in effect from the 8th through 18th. This dynamic combination can bring tremendous insights, and encourage spontaneous, independent actions with surprising benefits. It may also bring uncomfortable encounters with narrow-minded or eccentrically conservative individuals. Jupiter-Uranus urges one to explore new frontiers and try new lifestyles. Excitement, electricity, and new venues are in the air during this phase.

4. Ceres conjoins Jupiter on the 25th, an unusually beneficial influence lasting from the 19th through 31st. In traditional astrology, Venus and Jupiter are considered to be “benefics” since they bring good fortune wherever they are located. In modern times, Ceres can also be considered a benefic, and her combination with Jupiter offers a synergistic cosmic blessing. Ceres-Jupiter in Sagittarius offers a path forward with meaning, purpose, and renewed confidence. Whatever planet or house these two are transiting will be favorably awakened.

5. Black Moon Lilith and Uranus are octile on the 26th, and an underlying influence from the 20th into early November. Lilith and Uranus can both be considered outsiders, and their combination can either stimulate this side of your psyche, or bring these kinds of individuals with their corresponding agendas into your sphere. Lilith and Uranus tend to undermine the status quo, because it’s either corrupt, stagnant, or fundamentally biased. On the 28th, the Sun activates the underlying weirdness, spotlighting which side of this coin you’re personifying. 
Joan Quigley and the Part of Fortune
See how Fortuna set her role and the dramatic revelations around her historic book here
Astrology in the White House!

Steven Forrest discusses Trump's surprising victory in terms of Pluto in Capricorn. Fear of the future, an inability to adapt to change, and more
 The Shadow Side of Conservatism
Top Five Astro-Events
October 2019

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Financial Astrology
Vesta as an indicator in the NYSE and US charts describes market trends.
​A strong correlation between the cyclical nature of the stock market and astrology as the study of cycles has spurred many on in hopes of “cracking the code”. read