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I don't subscribe to any particular school of astrology, but I do make a point of keeping up to date.  I choose the ideas that work when I apply them to a real chart and real life and throw out the ones that turn out to be, well, wishful.
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Christina Rodenbeck, based in the ancient centre of learning, Oxford, examines living mythology through the lens of astrology. She likes to challenge prevailing orthodoxy,  champion
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Ivanka, Ivana, Donald — and the Black Moon Lilith
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In a natal chart Black Moon Lilith marks an important point of dark power. Lilith in conjunction with the Lights, the Sun and Moon, is extraordinarily significant.
In essence, Lilith is the opposite of the Moon. She is an unMother, unCarer, unNurturer, unscrupulous. She is unbound by convention or taboo. She is an outcast, the wronged woman, the first wife, the femme fatale, Glenn Close, chaos. We all have this energy somewhere — more or less acknowledged, more or less controlled, more or less hungry.
Lilith by Franz Stuck
So I was intrigued by the following observation. Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter and, we are assured, right-hand woman, has Lilith conjunct her Moon in Sagittarius at around 8°. Now this is within a few degrees because we don’t have the exact birth-time, but it must be tight because on the mid-day chart, it’s exact. It’s an interesting conjunction for a woman who professes to advocate for mothers in the workplace.

This led me to wonder about Ivanka’s own mother (often represented by the Moon in a person’s chart) — and sure enough Ivana Trump has Lilith almost exactly conjunct her Sun. (Lilith 29° Aquarius, Sun 1° Pisces)

Like mother (Sun-Lilith), like daughter (Moon-Lilith). What the mother displays externally, the daughter internalises.

And there’s more: Ivana’s Lilith is right on The Donald’s Descendant, the angle of partnership. It must have felt like fate when he first met the Czech model. He looked at her and saw Lilith.

And there’s more Lilith to this Trump triangle.
Donald, Ivanka and Ivana all have Moon in Sagittarius. Donald and Ivanka both have Lilith in Sagittarius. Donald’s Lilith is at 5° and Ivanka’s Lilith is at 8°. Her Moon is around that point too. Her mother’s Moon is at 0° Sagittarius.

Like father (Moon-Lilith), like daughter (Moon-Lilith). The Moon in Sagittarius tends to be philosophical in outlook (!), an emotional risk-taker, unboundaried. Combined with Lilith… one can but speculate…

In case, you’re wondering, Eric Trump has Lilith at 2° Pisces — on his mother’s Sun — and Donald Jr has a Jupiter-Lilith conjunction at 28° Gemini, a few degrees from his father’s Sun. Of course, his Jupiter-Lilith echoes Donald and Ivanka’s Lilith in Sagittarius.

(Melania’s Lilith is at 18° Leo. She is outside the Trump’s Lilith vortex.)