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What happened here last night was momentous: a seismic shift in the “political geology” of this country took place.

Scotland, which just one year ago chose to stay part of the United Kingdom in a referendum, voted almost unanimously for the Nationalist Party. As expected, leader Nicola Sturgeon’s Jupiter transit to her Midheaven was spectacularly decisive. All but three Scottish MP sitting in the House of Commons will be members of her party.
So a square from Pluto to Cameron’s Sun did not block victory for him. It’s interesting because quite often a transit is mitigated by the planet being well-placed in the natal chart, but you can’t say that about Cameron’s Pluto. I expect there’s more going on in his life than meets the eye. Jupiter transiting the 11th house of popularity was always going to help. Venus is just about to reach his MC, a short-lived but lucky transit. He’s won because his allies and enemies caved: that’s a seventh house matter. tr. Uranus, planet of the unexpected, is creating an exact Yod, or Finger of God, in his chart opposite the natal sextile between Uranus in the 12th and Neptune in the 2nd. I wouldn’t have guessed that would mean rivals washed away, but the words tsunami and tidal wave have both been used to describe what happened to the Liberal-Democrats.
For the benefit of American readers, it was as if, say, Texas voted in an entire congressional cohort that wanted independence for the state, or think of South Carolina’s legislature in 1860.

In England — by far the biggest nation in the UK — the Conservatives swooshed into the void created by the collapse of the centrist Liberal Democrats, their erstwhile coalition partners. It was a wipe out for the latter. So the Tories were able to win by staying still (Saturn): they did not actually gain any greater share of the vote. This means they’ve won the election, but it’s going to be tough to keep right-wing back-benchers under control with such a narrow victory. This is especially true since UKIP — the UK Independence Party — won a substantial chunk of the popular vote, but because of the electoral system, gained only one seat.
In Wales, Labour held, but the Scottish question cost the party the election. Pluto’s transit across his Midheaven has finished off Labour leader Ed Miliband, as it did for his predecessor Gordon Brown. Oh, I’ve just heard he’s resigned.

And in Northern Ireland, the Unionists held.

This election could be a worst case scenario for the break up of the UK. The four nations that make up the United Kingdom decisively turned their backs on each other, each facing a different direction in the political compass.

Cameron will have an in/out referendum on the European Union. Since Scotland wants in and England may want out, this will be the excuse for another independence referendum for Scotland. And this time the result will surely be yes.

Today, Cameron is already talking about a federated United Kingdom and how that could work. Very wise. Change will have to be radical. He doesn’t want to be the Prime Minister who lost Scotland.

In the past few years, the Pluto transit through this country’s fourth house of home territory, over the IC, over the UK Sun and now approaching an opposition to the Moon (the people and the land) in the 10th is turning out to be as much of an earthquake as one might expect. But it’s interesting astrologically, that the expected shift has happened with Pluto on the midpoint between Sun and Moon, not when Pluto conjuncted the Sun a few years ago. What’s been happening is that gradually things have been put in place for this change.

Pluto does not even start to oppose the UK Moon until 2017, and then for most of 2018.
Uranus in the seventh house of partnership has, just as predicted, been changing the nature of all partnerships both inside the UK and with our allies. Uranus does not move on — into the house of debt and finance — until 2018/2019. One of the patterns in of this election has been the destruction of ones allies. The Conservatives have benefited from sucking the marrow out of ex Liberal-Democratic seats, and Sturgeon’s tactics, intentionally or not, finished the chances of Labour, her natural allies in the south.

It was clear this election would be a fork in the road. The trNodes are on the ASC and the recent eclipses have been across that axis too. But it’s extraordinary that the nations that make up this kingdom have all chosen different roads to travel. We are still stitched together though. Are we like some crazy scarecrow sharing the same suit? And when the nations start to march in different directions will we come apart at the seams?

The last time a nationalist party this large was in Parliament was in the 1920s — Uranus (revolution) in Aries (starting over) as it is now. The eventual result back then was the creation of the Irish Free State, in other words the loss of a huge chunk of territory for the United Kingdom.