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I don't subscribe to any particular school of astrology, but I do make a point of keeping up to date.  I choose the ideas that work when I apply them to a real chart and real life and throw out the ones that turn out to be, well, wishful.
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Christina Rodenbeck, based in the ancient centre of learning, Oxford, examines living mythology through the lens of astrology. She likes to challenge prevailing orthodoxy,  champion
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The New Horizons 
Mission to Pluto
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Tony Blair - has become a multi-multi millionaire. Like Satan himself he has become a fixer, middle-man, adviser to the international .001%.

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Water Grand Trine - This isn't just any old Grand Trine: it's between three heavy-duty planets, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in its own sign Pisces.
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It’s quite catching: the excitement of all those NASA boffins.
The success of the New Horizons mission to Pluto is wonderful. The images bring the planet so close, show the importance of his henchman Charon, the dark planet’s “heart”, and his handsome craggy features.
The astrology? Well, this mid-month we’ve been having a pretty tough opposition from Mars-Mercury to Pluto. On the day of the closest approach, July 14, the dynamic duo were sandwiched between the Sun and the Moon, all in watery and imaginative Cancer.

Now Cancer is the sign of home and tribe, so you could see this as symbolising the human family, cosily tucked up in our watery blue home, gazing out into deep, cold, distant space (Pluto in Capricorn). Mercury is the planet of flight, of course, so he would need to be involved. Mars gives the whole thing pioneering energy and daring. It’s a bit cowboy.
Who sent the mission to Pluto? The United States. Mars was at 13° Cancer, right on the US Sun on the day.

Uranus, the planet of tech, squares the Sun from Aries, Mars’ sign. We know that Uranus in Aries ought to be making some scientific breakthroughs, like this. Uranus is all about breaking through the Saturnian boundaries.

The thing is, though, that this chart is cast from planet Earth at 11.49 UTC — and the New Horizons mission was far, far away. So this chart would, theoretically anyway, only tell us about the impact the mission has on Earth. You’d have to cast a chart from Pluto’s point of view to get the other angle. The mind boggles.

Which is as it should be. We should be boggled.

And here’s something interesting, at the exact moment of the closest encounter — and NASA was doing the timing so we know it’s dead accurate – our own Moon was on the “bendings” at 3° Cancer, that is the point half way between her own nodes. If the Moon symbolises the people, our collective mind, maybe this close-up view of Pluto has opened our minds in a way that we have yet to work out.
The moment of the closest approach to Pluto. 11.49UTC July 14, 2015. The chart is set with 0° Aries on the ASC because there was no particular point on Earth to pin it to — maybe NASA? — but this does put Pluto where it should be, at the top.