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November 18 to November 24
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all times are in PST. and for those of you new to my column, i write in lower case for a reason as i find it symbolic and resonant with how i view the world. i capitalize certain words in ways to illuminate their power. otherwise, all is equal to me and i write in lowercase :) 
monday november 18th-
retrograde mercury in scorpio semisquares jupiter in sagittarius at 11:28am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess! mercury is making a lot intense aspects right now- so the chaotic and destabilizing revelations incoming through communication, thinking, the media and more can be profound but also unnerving. our own willingness to expose the shadows within and without is key right now. if we are more committed to sweeping things under the carpet this can be quite the intense time! jupiter wants to the whole Truth and mercury in scorpio is willing to dig to get to it! just watch out for being excessive, self righteous and hubristic. also watch out for talking too much and for having loose lips ;)

venus in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 1:25pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. venus/pluto is deep, passionate and intense. our desire for depth of connection is strong right now. venus in sadge loves freedom and space and this needs to be balanced with intimacy and vulnerability. the shadow of venus in sadge is where we think we just need more space and freedom when actually we are afraid of deeper intimacy and vulnerability. being willing to see where we may be doing that or where another may be doing that can help us understand the deeper nuances in relationships right now.

mars moves out of libra and into scorpio at 11:40pm, shifting the will and drive from air to water, intellect to emotion, surface to depths. mars rules scorpio and is very comfortable in the scorpionic depths- but can also exacerbate them! mars in scorpio is passionate, intense, deep and commanding. using his energy to dive deep, confront shadow and deepen in intimacy and connection with ourselves, others and the world around us is supported right now. just watch out for the shadow of mars in scorpio: engaging in power/control dynamics, manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness and being Unconsciously run by the shadow of your lower chakras ;)

tuesday november 19th-
the sun in scorpio semisextiles jupiter in sagittarius at 11:54am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion and abundance. the sun in scorpio is focused on plumbing the depths and facing the shadows. jupiter brings illumination to what is hidden. with jupiter aligned with the Galactic Center- paying attention to cosmic downloads, dreams, intuition and messages incoming is super important. willingness to be open minded and see the Bigger Picture that goes beyond the ego’s perception is key!

wednesday november 20th-
retrograde chiron in aries squares ceres in capricorn at 6:14am, creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. old wounds and pain arising around family, mother, children, safety, security, needs and the child within are in focus. if we tend to over focus on responsibility and mundane provisions but do not acknowledge our emotional, psychological and spiritual needs this can be magnified right now. chiron in aries is asking us to heal around the masculine- if we stuff our anger and internalize it OR if we act out in it in reactive, aggressive ways. right relationship with anger is key. working with what is arising within and in interpersonal relationships today is recommended.

venus in sagittarius trines retrograde eris in aries at 9:42am, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. luckily these two are in harmonious aspect supporting us in embracing change, facing shadow, speaking the Truth and going towards what we believe in. lots of fire is closing out the month which means a fire is under our butts and is helping us to embrace change!

mars in scorpio sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 9:57am, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of illusion, idealism and spiritual bypassing. both bodies are in water so they have some common ground- they are deeply feeling, intuitive and aware of what lies beneath. mars in scorpio tends to be more dominating and controlling while neptune in pisces wants to just float off the planet. making sure our use of ego and will is direct and not passive aggressive, dishonest, addictive or escapist is key. use the neptune energy to exalt the mars energy into spiritual warrior ship and selfless service!

at 11:12am mercury stations direct at 11’35 scorpio, ending his 3 week Underworld journey during the dark of the sun time of the year. this has been an extra potent mercury retrograde! occurring on halloween, during the samhain portal, in the sign of the Underworld and aspecting pluto the Lord of the Underworld. as mercury stations he makes a double aspect to neptune- with the last one being a day after neptune stations direct. STAY OPEN to your intuition, pay attention to your dreams, elevate your mind and let the Higher Heart direct your thoughts and perceptions. mystical energies are VERY present- if you have the eyes to see and ears to hear.
thursday november 21st-
at 11:31am mars in scorpio quincunxes retrograde chiron in aries, creating tension between the will and drive and the Wounded Healer planetoid. both bodies are in mars-ruled signs- bringing into focus anger, drive, rage, will, ego and selfishness OR self focus. mars in scorpio is deep and intense. if he uses his depth wisely he is willing to go deep, face shadow and do the deep and profound work of self transformation. if he does not use this energy wisely he devolves into power/over power/under dynamics and operates from jealousy, possessiveness, control and distrust. wounding around how we run our will and power can be up today. do we stuff it, project it, act out in it? healing is possible if we face what we have been running away from!

saturn in capricorn trines retrograde vesta in taurus at 10:15pm, aligning the Lord of Karma and the Great Patriarch with the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. with both bodies in earth signs we are supported in setting solid foundations upon which we can grow materially, abundantly and successfully. saturn in capricorn is willing to do the work to make something of significance in the world. vesta in taurus is devoted to cultivating abundance while being embodied. both bodies in earth signs can find the sacred that lies concealed in the profane. stay committed to your purpose and mission and make sure your devotion to being of service is leading- and the gates of abundance will open up to you!

friday november 22nd-
the sun moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 6:59am, shifting the conscious self and ego from water to fire, yin to yang, internally focused to externally focused. the sun in sadge brings focus to travel, expansion, Truth, teaching/learning and opening our minds! the pursuit of Truth and positivity unfolds over the coming month! just watch out for overdoing it (including spending/eating/drinking), hubris, self-righteousness and thinking you have the right Truth and everyone else just needs to follow ;)

saturday november 23rd-
the sun in sagittarius trines retrograde chiron in aries, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer planetoid. this aspect features in the new moon chart incoming in a few days time. healing is possible right now when we are willing to face and turn towards our pain. wounding around the masculine- our own masculine side but also with male figures in our lives- can be exposed with opportunities for healing present at the same time. with both bodies in fire signs healing around our creative fire, individually, self confidence and belief in self are incoming! live your authentic self and shine!

sunday november 24th-
at 5:33am venus cojoins jupiter at 28’11 sagittarius, aligning the lesser and Great Benefics in expansive and auspicious ways!!! these are the two lights and if you go out just after sunset you will see them in the sky together blessing us all! these two in Union are amazingly beneficial when it comes to relationship, finances, abundance, growth and rising our frequency to that of the Higher Mind/Higher Self/Higher Heart. with both just past the Galactic Center they are coming out of Union with the womb of the Great Mother- bringing Higher Truths, Higher Wisdom, Higher Love and Higher Light. make use of the frequencies incoming- tap into them, embody them and share them with others. there’s always a blessed part of our lives and when we focus on that and anchor into gratitude it can help us move through the other more intense things in life. GIVE THANKS!

at 8:51am mars in scorpio opposes retrograde uranus in taurus, creating an oppositional energy between the will, warrior and drive and the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. mars/uranus is a recipe for sudden change, upheaval, shift and perhaps some chaos and reversals we were not expecting. uranus’ motto is ‘expect the unexpected’. we want to be aware of our will, anger, energy and drive and how we run them. if we react and are impulsive this can cost us. if we stuff them they can internalize and express as depression and illness. in the signs of holding and letting go- as well as money and debt- we need to be aware of where we are defaulting to one at the expense of the other. changes are incoming! stay open to change and facilitate your own death and rebirth processes for best results ;)

the sun in sagittarius semisquares saturn in capricorn at 3:53pm, bringing tension between our desire for expansion, freedom and fun! (sun in sadge) and our need for responsibility, accountability and boundaries (saturn in capricorn). there can be some reality checks today that we want to attend to without allowing them to shut our vision and excitement down. dealing with what IS helps create space for what is possible. balancing possibility with reality – and having one foot in both worlds- is the path to mastery now.

have a blessed week ahead…

~divine harmony
Divine Harmony is dedicated to communicating with one’s higher Self by way of the celestial realms. Just as the microcosm is contained in the macrocosm and vice-versa – Divine Harmony believes that the stars and planets have connections to the people, places and things that inhabit the earth, and there is a way to find the pattern of communication and connection by divining the stars.

BML (black moon lilith) is being included in the weekly interpretations now. the highest expression of joining these two is symbolized by the high priestess tarot card. she sits between the black and white pillars- the black being the pillar of severity and the white being the pillar of mercy. i use the mean position of BML, which in contrast to the fluctuating motion of the true position, advances steadily.
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