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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!" 
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re: 20-year cycle - Thank you for your insightful NewsScope column. I am not aware of anything else quite like it. Regarding the 20-year American Presidential cycle, I noticed that George W. Bush, elected in 2000, did not die in office. However, during a critical astrological time period of this administration, when I expected the pattern to play out, former President Reagan passed away instead. Sort of a deferred prophecy. Keep up the good work!

re: Trump – You wrote "...the bottom line is that Trump’s days in office are coming to a close just before or, more likely, soon after this Solar Eclipse." This would make Trump's running mate President. Does Pence's chart reflect that? Or will another rabbit be pulled out of the hat? As always, thanks for sharing your passion and gift for interpretations.

re: crash - It has been a previlage to visit every Monday Morning early in the hours every week and has been nothing but an educational experience to read and read to digest what you write; I have to say at my old age your blog and your writings are GOD SENT and exceptionally great to read and learn from.
     With that said, as every where now a days you read this coming Capricon stellium of outer planets that is going to happen in 2020 and it is going to crash financial markets and going into recession due to Saturn combining with Jupiter and so on; I realize that we are in the Biggest Bubble created by central banks around the world and it will burst some time. Will you please kindly write on this if and whenever you have to time to do it to see what is your take on economy and financial markets.

re: gender - Apart from whether or not the VP's inclinations extend beyond the normative male-female monogamy, are there astrological signals that may indicate different sexual or gender tendencies in any one particular chart? And with the prominence now of not only homosexuality but also all forms of gender non-conformity and fluidity, as well as transgender, coming to the fore, what are the broader astrological themes that show this cultural/generational change?
  And does this tie into the #metoo movement, which calls down the male power privilege with respect to sexual exploitation?

re: astrology - It’s fascinating that astrology, something our present civilization views as fundamental to an individual’s character, is ignored by deeper analysis. Love your column. It’s my first thing to read on Mondays.

re: NewsScope - As always with many many many thanks for your kindness and keeping us interested in Astrology and writings.

re: Pluto Return - Thanks for all you write. Ever since you said Hillary would not be President (in spite of my most fervent wishes and all those polls saying she was ahead) I totally trust your political assessments. Your column on the Pluto return is sobering to be sure. But there is another strain of conservatism that might need to be recognized. That of the government institutions, and the press, which are still doing their jobs, for the most part. One thing for sure, the American Empire (not that I really love that term) is going into eclipse, if not by being outstripped by the likes of China, India, or Europe, but because we haven't gotten our own house in order, and have let our worst characteristics run amok.
re: Bitcoin - There seem to be multiple charts for "Bitcoin". Bitcoin has been around long enough now to see a pattern in its valuation: dramatic price drops of 70%, followed by dramatic price increases, followed by drops, etc. Is there a Bitcoin chart that fits this valuation pattern? Is Bitcoin set to become the first international non-state medium of exchange? Thanks for your interesting site.  

A. I have written about bitcoin's chart in the distant past (see bitcoin), but it's certainly worth another look. 

re: Trump - Your piece on Uranus transits to the US ascendant: It does point to radical change but not a great sign if you were the one currently in power, yes? And does Trump's chart ever show signs of incarceration? He'll likely skate any federal charges, but it seems NY jails are ready and open for his business...

re: Trump - Doesn't transiting North Node conjunct Trump's natal Sun in 2020 weigh heavily in favor of his re-election?

A. It certainly helps, as does transiting Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter trine his MC. Note that by definition, the Lunar Nodes are aligned with the eclipsed planet. However, many other factors should be considered, especially how his opponent's chart looks. Basing any forecast or prediction on one indicator is a sure way to miss the boat. Favorable transits can be totally over-ruled by hard progressions, for example.

re: Trump - Anticipating Trump's visit to the UK, Theresa May's people were warned not to schedule meetings lasting longer than 30 minutes "because of problems with his concentration span.’. Officials were told that, when a meeting exceeds that time limit, Trump just just checks out and 'starts doodling’. There's also been a lot of speculation about his drug use--- Aderall in particular. In addition, hundreds of mental health professionals expressed their concerns, issuing an analysis and a warning to all of us. Plus, his increasingly bizarre behavior indicates major problems. 
Would you please consider looking into Trump's mental health?

re: 2020 - I read with some real concern your probably correct analysis that the US 2020 election will be under very real stress from continued [Russian] sabotage. Unhappily, what you also need to consider is that Bernie Sanders’ “independent Democrat” candidacy and generous fund-raising may also be part of that sabotage plan. Sanders candidacy is a classic diversionary tactic to peel off and divide the more liberal voters away from the larger Democratic candidate. Whatever his own motives – and I am not questioning these by any means – his “further left” views make him an ideal candidate for generous funding from black sources and even covertly from the Republican party itself. The Repubs will never attack Sanders; just watch.
NewsScope for January 27, 2020
By Michael O’Reilly

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22º Capricorn has brought plenty of trouble to many geopolitical institutions. From the constitutional crisis in the U.S., to the massive quarantine in China, to apocalyptic wildfires in Australia, the traditional social and governmental agencies designed to protect and serve are being severely challenged. It’s clear from what’s going on that the recently discovered planet Eris is playing a significant role in these scenes of chaos, since the Saturn-Pluto conjunction exactly squares Eris, now at 23º Aries.
To lighten things up a bit, here’s a look at another institutional crisis that may be working out well for the two individuals involved: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have upset British protocol by announcing that they’re stepping back from their royal duties and will spend half their time in Canada where the paparazzi aren’t so vicious. 

In Prince Harry’s case, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction hit a sweet spot: his progressed Ceres is at 22º Taurus and his natal Sun is at 22º Virgo. This creates a self-reliant Grand Trine in the earth signs linking his personal identity (Sun) with his parenting instincts (progressed Ceres) with the re-structuring of his royal duties (Saturn-Pluto). He plans on making his own way financially, and this set-up will certainly allow him to do so.
Other more demanding factors are also in play, since the Grand Trine in itself wouldn’t motivate him to make such drastic changes. His progressed Midheaven, signifying his public role, is now squaring his Sun, helping him to re-define his place in British society. And transiting Uranus just turned direct opposite his Pluto, which is more radical since his Pluto is exactly opposite Queen Elizabeth’s Sun in Taurus. 

In Meghan’s horoscope, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is near her Descendant, which infers that her relationship with Harry is undergoing intense need for change. Since their marriage, her Mars in the 12th house of hidden enemies has played out as being stalked by photographers along with relentless criticism from the tabloid press. Prince Harry sued various publications, but the tabloids continued to harass and condemn her.  

Meghan’s role was generally seen as being the most liberal of any royal family member, and she’s a strong advocate of women’s rights. Her Leo Sun trines Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and Discord, which in turn conjoins her Midheaven. She thereby personifies Eris, giving her the public mission of protecting and supporting women in what otherwise might be considered a patriarchal setting. The more positive key phrase for Eris is the Spiritual Warrior, one who is devoted to upsetting corrupt systems that support inequality. 

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction also squared her 4th house Pluto, which is a powerful celestial incentive to relocate. The official wording focuses on balancing their time, which befits her 4th house planets in Libra. Her progressed Sun and Ceres are conjunct during the next two years, likely emphasizing her role as a mother. However, watch around April 25 when the transiting Sun-Uranus conjunction squares her natal Mercury and progressed Mars. She’ll likely have her sharp words or comments widely reported. 
Top Five Astro-Events for February

1. The Full Moon in Leo takes place on the 9th (2:34 am EST), emphasizing the individual’s relation to his or her network. For some, this may mean expressing your creative talents, being an entertaining star, or advocating some worthy cause. For others, it can signify being a team mate, and joining personal efforts with others to achieve a common goal. Are you an insider or an outsider? Committed partnerships may come under stress as this Full Moon builds to its peak illumination. 

2. Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th and forms a harmonious, productive trine to Uranus over the next five days. Transiting Mercury and the Sun continue to bridge the Mars-Uranus trine from the 21st through month’s end, indicating that much hard work can be accomplished in the second half of February. Mars and Uranus are in practical earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus), and their harmonious connection leads to steady progress when clear goals are defined.
3. Mercury turns retrograde on the 16th while octile Saturn, marking an extended phase when communications, information, and other documents face intense scrutiny. Mercury tends to be vague and distracted in Pisces, and that becomes all the more true while it’s retrograde through early March. As Mercury forms a challenging link to Saturn from the 11th through 20th, watch out for deliberate misinformation, misleading statements, and outright deception. Fact check everything. Avoid signing important contracts or other documents after the 15th. 

4. Jupiter sextiles Neptune on the 20th, and is a significant influence from the 14th through 26th. Although generally considered a weak aspect, Neptune may bring some keen insights into your business affairs or professional role, as denoted by Jupiter in Capricorn. This combination may inspire meaningful work, or otherwise encourage you toward having a positive influence on the larger community or collective. For those with a personal planet at 17º of any sign, this phase may bring phenomenal luck. 

5. Pluto opposes the U.S. Mercury on the 28th, an aspect that is in play all month where it stimulates intense debate on the national stage. Due to Pluto’s retrograde cycle, this aspect is within effective orb from now through July. The U.S. Mercury is the focus point of information, and Pluto’s opposition conveys a full-scale effort to persuade voters during the presidential campaign. Expect to be continually bombarded by media blitzes from all communication portals.