Political Astrology, the Book
by Michael O'Reilly
About the Book - This general overview of Political Astrology includes some highlights from the reviews, links to excerpts, and reader feedback. Price, where to buy, and a summary of what's in the book.

The Mountain Astrologer Review - "Michael O'Reilly's book... tackles the debate about the "real" U.S. horoscope in a sparkling new way. O'Reilly takes on history, planetary cycles, asteroids, and the U.S. horoscope with an experienced ease." Read the entire review via this link.

The NCGR Review - About relocating the U.S. chart, review Donna Van Toen writes, "The results are fascinating. I have not seen these two techniques used in combination before, and together they are amazingly insightful. O'Reilly's technique is simple to use, and a useful addition to the astrologer's bag of tricks."

Excerpt: How to Verify a Nat'l Horoscope - Renowned astrologer Nicholas Campion challenges astrologers to develop a better methodology when validating a national horoscope. This means establishing the potential for specific events according to traditional natal interpretations, and then testing how this potential unfolds through the course of repeated transits and progressions. 

Political Astrology, Table of Contents - This link connects you to the Table of Contents, so you can see what's in the book

Political Astrology, cover art explained - What's with the weird iconography on the cover? This brief essay explains how the U.S. horoscope, the Sphinx, Ezekial, and the Taror card known as The World are all interconnected. 
"Political Astrology is the art/science of tracking and forecasting the most important economic, social, political, and cultural developments that shape a national psyche."
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