Professional Forecaster
$25, about 35 pages

Professional Forecaster is a computer generated astrological report that lists and interprets transits and progressions. A transit occurs each time that the Sun, Moon or one of the planets in our solar system forms a precise alignment with another planet, or with a previous planetary position. Progressions are based on the esoteric formula that one day after birth is equivalent to one year. The calculations produced by Professional Forecaster are extremely precise and state-of-the-art.

To get an idea of what is in this report, 
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Asteroid Goddess Report
$25, 45 pages

Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta
Among the thousands of asteroids known, Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta have a special place. While these are not necessarily the largest asteroids, they were the first to be discovered, and as such they have imprinted themselves on human consciousness in a major way. 

They also complete the female pantheon of goddesses, rounding out the system of symbols begun in the usual ten planets. Of the six great goddesses of Olympus, only Aphrodite (Venus) and Artemis (the Moon) are represented in the conventional astrological symbol system. The other four great goddesses of Graeco-Roman mythology, Demeter (Ceres), Athene (Pallas), Hera (Juno) and Hestia (Vesta), were missing from astrology until they were re-invoked by their discovery in the early 1800s. To see what's in this report, read Angelina Jolie's Asteroid Goddess Report
Relationship Report
$35, 70 pages

In this report you’ll find sections on:

1. Your Styles of Relating. We’ll first look at each of you as individuals. We’ll start with your basic personality type, and then look more closely at your needs and attitudes regarding romance, partnership and sex. Your section is addressed to you as an individual, but if your partner also reads it, he or she may better understand your overall approach to life and the way you go about relating to people. 

2 How You See Each Other. For each of you, we’ll explore how the way you see your partner is shaped by the lens of your own horoscope. 

3 The Dynamics between You. Here we’ll look at the kinds of dramas that tend to occur when the two of you are together. The aspects that link a point in your chart to a point in your partner’s chart will show both the assets and the potential problems in your relationship.

4 The Chart of the Relationship Itself. Finally, we’ll analyze the relationship itself by combining the birth charts of each of you into a single “composite chart.” When your relationship is well established, the composite chart shows how you as a couple approach the rest of the world, and how you’re viewed as a result of being together.
Professional Natal Report
$25, 40 pages

This report presents the raw materials that you have been given for building a life. It outlines how the overall shape of your chart reflects the overall shape of your personality. It shows what your greatest challenges are likely to be, the strengths you have been given to meet these challenges, and the main arenas you are given for playing out your life’s drama. 

You may notice certain places where the information seems contradictory. This is to be expected, because people are complex. For example, in some situations you may be shy and in others, aggressive. When you see repeated patterns, though, take special note: these are apt to be the dominant themes in your life.

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Numerology Report
$20, 15 pages

Through the use of ancient principles, numerology can derive a world of meaning from your birthdate and birth name. In the course of your life other numbers may become important for you, and you will probably acquire other names, but, like your astrological birth chart, the numerological vibrations at the very beginning of your life set the tone for all that follows. 
$25, 30 pages

If you are looking for a romantic, lovey-dovey astrology report, you won’t find it within these pages.  Please keep in mind all of the kinky, spirited and feisty remarks you will read are only intended in the spirit of fun, and are only suggestions for ways to play and perhaps challenge your boundaries.  Feel free to happily ignore all wet and salacious remarks that do not apply.
Optimum Child
$25, 30 pages

Childhood is a time filled with promise. A new life, fresh beginnings and — for parents and teachers — it’s the ultimate challenge. How many times have parents wondered why kids don’t come with instruction manuals? There’s a secret: they do! 

This report is specially designed to help anyone who is raising or teaching a child. Unlike a regular horoscope interpretation, it shows how the symbolism of the chart is likely to work out during the earlier stages of human development, from babyhood to adolescence. Children change rapidly, and, in the process of becoming themselves, they need special love and guidance. Hopefully this report will give you a few hints and insights that will help you to appreciate this child’s unique qualities and help them to blossom as the child grows. 
NeptuneCafe's Astrology Reports
On this page you'll find brief descriptions of state-of-the-art, computer-generated reports. Included are Professional Natal, Relationship, Asteroid Goddess, Professional Forecaster, Optimum Child, Numerology, and Eroscope. Prices range from $20 to $35. 
To order any of these reports or for more info, email [email protected]
Any of these reports may be included with a personal consultation with NeptuneCafe's resident astrologer, Michael O'Reilly. To find out more, visit readings
Any of these reports may be included with a personal consultation with NeptuneCafe's resident astrologer, Michael O'Reilly. To find out more, visit readings