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The Art of Political Astrology 
begins with the USA Horoscope
The reviews are in!

"fascinating" ... enjoyable"
"a real eye opener!"

"you have me thoroughly 
convinced that the U.S. has Scorpio Rising."

"well-organized, succinct, and easy to understand"

About the book...

In 1951 renowned British astrologer Charles Carter wrote the groundbreaking book Introduction to Political Astrology. Carter used the term "political astrology" to differentiate it from the traditional practice of mundane astrology which had failed miserably to predict the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Carter's insights inspired astrologers to begin monitoring national events by examining national horoscopes.

Today, political astrology is an exciting branch of astrology filled with great potential for practical application in the real world. By using an accurate national horoscope, the astrologer can make meaningful forecasts, much like a meteorologist makes weather forecasts. The challenge for those interested in political astrology is finding and working with an accurate national horoscope.

In Part One of Political Astrology, Michael O'Reilly demonstrates the validity of the Scorpio Rising U.S. national horoscope, and then shows how this chart works through historical cycles. Once the national horoscope is verified, it can be relocated to various power centers around the world to help understand historic developments in that area, and to project likely future scenarios.

Part Two focuses on Asteroid Studies, and how they add tremendous depth and accuracy to chart interpretation, in both personal and national horoscopes. This section includes an astrological look into the Kennedy Curse, and how the asteroids Juno and Ceres play key roles. Part Three is an anthology of O'Reilly's weekly column, NewsScope, covering 2001 to 2005. 
Political Astrology -  is defined as "The art/science of tracking and forecasting the most important economic, social, political, and cultural developments that shape a national psyche."
The Reviews...

"Michael O'Reilly's book, subtitled How to make accurate forecasts using the Scorpio Rising U.S. Horoscope, tackles the debate about the "real" U.S. horoscope in a sparkling new way. O'Reilly takes on history, planetary cycles, asteroids, and the U.S. horoscope with an experienced ease. ...
"O'Reilly takes the reader on a world tour, by moving the U.S. Scorpio Rising chart to power centers around the globe. The author's work here is innovative ...
"O'Reilly's chapter on "The Astrology of the Kennedy Curse" is bound to become hugely popular. This chapter alone is worth the price of admission. ...
"This book is a first-class work on its own. It models a disciplined, reasoned way to practice astrology, and combines an astrological integrity with a passion for clean analysis. Whether or not the reader embraces all of the author's conclusions, there is much in this volume to keep and savor."
-- Claudia Dikinis, The Mountain Astrologer
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"Political Astrology provides a welcome introduction to one of the best modern writers on the relationship between astrology and current events, and it gives the reader a good sense of how Michael O'Reilly has managed to make so many successful predictions in this area over a good number of years."
-- Ken Irving, Horoscope Guide
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"Whether you are a fan of Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or some other Rising for a July 4, 1776, chart, the history and astrology in the book is fascinating and worth exploration.  O'Reilly has put years of thought, study, and research between the covers of Political Astrology.  His careful work shines with professionalism. ... Political Astrology is a fun, interesting read and a fine reference for years to come."
-- Tim Rubald, NCGR E-News
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"America's influence is so strong in today's world that whatever country America focuses on -- whether through conflict or partnership -- that interaction appears in the relocated U.S. horoscope....Only an accurate American horoscope would reflect this kind of sensitivity to global events, and it seems that only the Scorpio Rising chart fulfills this expectation."
-- Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope
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"Michael O'Reilly's Political Astrology is definitely a book to add to any serious astrologer's reference library."
-- Mary Lou Schwender, Circles of Light
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Political Astrology 
by Michael O'Reilly

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Also available at amazon.com
ISBN: 1-59594-024-3 
Paperback 228 pp. 
6" x 9"   $17.95  U.S.  
August 2005 Wingspan Press

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Excerpts from the book:
Table of Contents
How to Verify a National Horoscope
Ceres, The Great Mother Principle
The Kennedy Clan

Readers respond: 

"I found it an enjoyable read. Your writing style, like your column, is accessible and to the point. You back up all your ideas with clear examples. Based on what you wrote, I can't understand why anyone follows the Gemini rising chart for the U.S... In the end,  I enjoyed your book very much. Some become too esoteric, your intelligent analysis always stayed on the ground. You have the gift of clear, punchy, intelligent writing."
-- Debbie Hilzinger; Philadelphia, PA

"For years, I used a different rising chart for the USA, but you now have me thoroughly convinced that the true chart has Scorpio."  
-- Celeste Longacre; Alstead, NH

"It is much more than I expected"
-- Rishi Giovanni Gatti; Milan, Italy

"I am reading your Political Astrology book for the second time while letting others rest. I have learned a great deal from it. Thank you very much. When I started reading it, I was partial to Gemini being the country's Rising Sign . Now, I see things quite differently.
-- Robert McNary; Butte, Montana
"I just wanted to let you know that I'm delighted you have decided to put your research work into book form for the astrological community at large. As a fellow mundane astrologer for many years on Sydney radio, and press, I appreciate the amount of research involved in this work. Your consistency is admirable.
-- Ed Tamplin; Sydney, Australia

"I already bought one book, but I would now like to buy another one for my friend."
-- Sally Krtekass; Buderim, Australia

"Political Astrology will give you many answers that were previously hidden from view. From beginners to advanced students of astrology, this is a real eye opener. It's well organized, succinct and easy to understand. One part that I found extremely interesting is the explanation of the four asteroids which will add tremendous meaning and understanding to you or your client's charts."
-- Mimi Jonson; Elgin, IL

"I have tried all those other US charts and keep coming back to yours, cause it just makes sense and it works. I think you have proved your chart like no one else has proved theirs."
-- Jean Libtoo; Seattle, WA
Why use Scorpio for the Ascendant of the USA horoscope?
Because it's based on an historically verifiable moment, and because it works in the real world! For an introductory essay, read: Scorpio Rising
NeptuneCafe's resident astrologer Michael O'Reilly has written the definitive book on the U.S. Scorpio Rising national horoscope, which is titled Political Astrology. How can anyone practice "mundane astrology" without an accurate horoscope for the U.S.A? Read this book to learn how to make accurate forecasts.